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Clearwater Beach, Florida

The June 9-10 WTF World Challenge attracted 123 accomplished fitness competitors. This fourth show by the WTF was an overwhelming success with the athletes, as the WTF brought in a new event called Fitness Skills.

In the Tri-Fitness Challenge, only the Obstacle Course, Routine, and Skills counted towards the final score. The Grace and Physique event was optional.Although optional, 101 athletes competed in the Grace and Physique Event. The following athletes won their class:

  • Katie Uter
  • Keri Bourg
  • Lisa Reed
  • Grace Rivera
  • Tina Forlifer
  • Danielle Nagel
  • Lois Smucker
  • Pat Guzman
  • Anne Groff
  • Molli Oliver
  • Tara Muhlbauer
  • Megan Kemp

The OVERALL of the Grace & Physique Event was Hammond, Louisiana’s Katie Uter.  She was followed by Brooklyn, New York’s Grace Rivera, and Gainesville, Florida’s Lisa Reed.

The FITNESS ROUTINE was won by Lisa Reed. Placing behind Lisa were the following:

  • Katie Uter
  • Tara Muhlbauer
  • Debbie Sizemore
  • Gina Oakes
  • Jennifer Hochevar

The FITNESS SKILLS was won convincingly by Jennifer Hochevar of Dallas, Texas. Jennifer was the first and only athlete to score a perfect 10. Finishing 2nd was Elaine Seth of Vermillion, Ohio with a 9.2 and Lois Smucker of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with a 9.1. Other top finishers were:

  • Laurie Gerber ( South Carolina )
  • Andra Kucera ( Kansas )
  • Kimberly Tumminia ( Miami, Florida )

The OBSTACLE COURSE was won by  Sheryl Lynn Houck  of Tampa, Florida with an amazing time of 53.00 . She narrowly edged out Lois Smucker, Katie Uter, Tara Muhlbauer, Kristin Coleman, and Gina Oakes, all finishing above 55.5

In the DUAL FITNESS ( combination of obstacle and skills ) the winner was Lois Smucker. She was followed by Patti Franklin, Kristin Coleman, and Christina Martin.

The WTF also hosted a Television Series Challenge. The winner of each of the 6 shows were:

  • Lois Smucker
  • Tara Muhlbauer
  • Katie Uter
  • Jennifer Hochevar
  • Danielle Nagel
  • Christina Martin

Overall Champion – Katie Uter

Fitness Winner – Lisa Reed

Fitness Skills Winner – Jennifer Hocheva

Anne Groff and Lois Smucker

After the 123 athletes competed the OVERALL TRI-FITNESS CHAMPIONSHIP was awarded. These were the top scores:

1Katie Uter24.50
2Tara Muhlbauer22.80
3Lois Smucker22.70
4Gina Oakes21.92
5Patti Franklin21.67
6Jennifer Hochevar21.52
7Pat Guzman21.49
8Christina Martin21.41
9Elaine Seth20.32
10Bridget Murray19.50
11Melissa Flatau19.33
12Julie Green18.94
13Alex Cody18.89
14Danielle Nagel18.65
15Debbie Sizemore18.44
16Kimberly Tumminia17.97
17Gisela Cronan17.21
18Keri Bourg16.74
19Debbie Reyes16.59
20Grace Rivera16.52