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Al Rosen’s Tampa Fitness Camp

When: Ongoing
Where: 9701 Van St. Tampa, FL

Phone: (813) 263-2779

Cost: Call for special deal


Now this story now for a sporting event
that describes like let’s just say
turning Barbie into GI Jane hundreds of
women competing in the try fitness
challenge and our Kristi posed she got a
chance to try her hand and your feet and
your entire body the video is amazing I
did all of that and this started as a
way for women to get into fitness so
they didn’t have to go to the
bodybuilding competitions or maybe run a
marathon but what’s interesting is the
women competing they’re schoolteachers
mothers and some have even battled
cancer and this competition is no joke
like Laura said for eighteen years al
Rosen the creator of tri fitness
challenge has been empowering women with
this the also of course represents life
you know in life you have many different
obstacles so as you go over each
obstacle what’s he doing you conquer and
many overcoming life obstacles at the
same time we’ve had two girls in a
double kidney transplant one with a
double lung transplant
Kimberly strappy a mother of three came
all the way from Baltimore for her fifth
run out the course what I like best
about this is that wine I don’t have to
starve myself secondly I love the people
I love the inspiration the challenge
even having some celebrity fitness star
The Rock Rosen’s godson endorsing it
Dwayne Johnson actually calls our events
the ultimate is event for women three
four so what I decided to see just how
tough it is go crispy go moving move
first up a 15-foot cargo net to tackle
one two you have to flip over it yes
next up move its most point I’ll
probably haven’t jumped over a hurdle
since high school
if ever but it wasn’t as hard as it
keep your hands long on to the running
Wow try to guess where you like that
definitely requires some training to
scale bars much easier my elementary
school days were giving me a lot of
what’s your hot potato movement move it
lastly crossing the finish line by
jumping over a bar a feeling of
accomplished it took me about an hour to
learn and do everything something that
takes these women under a minute just
unbelievable okay I had no practice my
hands still hurt from doing that well
this competition is more than the
obstacle course like I showed you there
is a Grayson physique portion tomorrow
night I’ll be emceeing that event at the
Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay by Rocky Point the
obstacle course is Saturday you can
still sign up to compete if you’d like
and if you just want to watch it’s 30
dollars for the weekend I tweeted out a
link with all the information just find
me a Kristy post