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Tri-Fitness Honors World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) Hall of Famers

Tri-Fitness Honors World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Hall of Famers 2008

Wrestlemania XXIV – March 30, 2008

By Al Rosen

  I am asked very often about the origin of the Women’s Tri-Fitness.  My background was in athletics, coaching, owning a health club and promotion. In addition, I had the fortunate opportunity to wrestle professionally in the late seventies and early eighties.  This opportunity presented itself as the health club I owned (Boddy Shoppe Gym) in Tampa was the home to professional wrestlers in the seventies and eighties (those living in and passing through Florida).  This is a special year for me with the WWE Hall of Fame about to induct their 2008 class of Ric Flair, Rocky Johnson, and High Chief Peter Maivia. High-Chief-Peter-Maivia Friendships with all three, Rocky, Ric and the Chief were formed in the seventies and they continue today.   Rocky Johnson was one of the most athletic wrestlers of all time.  Having a bodybuilders physique, the Soul Man, had a gymnastic and boxing background.  One minute he was shuffling like Ali while the next he was doing a kip up off the mat and high back extensions coming off tackles.  Being a black man in the seventies in this sport was not easy.  There were times we were together where he ignored racial comments.   Originally from Nova Scotia, Canada, Rocky married into a wrestling family when he wed Ata Maivia.  I was fortunate to be the best man.  This marriage produced the most electrifying wrestler/entertainer of all time – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Haku,-Al,-Ric When speaking of Ric Flair I speak of class.  To the billions of spectators from Manitoba to Miami, from Europe to Australia, people will always remember the “WOOO” from the Nature Boy from Minnesota.  This 35 year veteran and of the square circle as well as the greatest wrestler of all time has been my friend for over thirty years.  We met at the Boddy Shoppe Gym and I soon found myself doing squats and pushups to a deck of cards.  I know I can call on Ric for anything and he will be there for me as he was at the 2007 Tri-Fitness Fall Challenge in Tampa.  I was ecstatic when he married Tiffany Vandermark, one of the athletes I had trained for the Tri-Fitness.

In 1979, I traveled to Hawaii to wrestle the Polynesian circuit.  The promoters were former WWE superstar High Chief Peter Maivia and Leah Maivia.  I had known them as the parents of Ata Johnson, but upon my arrival they welcomed me to their home and the living room couch became my bed.  At the time, Dwayne was about seven years of age, but we were all living Polynesian style under one roof as one family.  Rocky-Johnson The family also included Tonga Fifita, WWE’s Haku (who hopefully will be inductee one day).  There were fun days of driving around the Island in back of a pick up truck with the High Chief and Andre The Giant.  Only one can imagine what the driver behind the truck was thinking.  The stories of his toughness are often told (twenty cops trying to subdue him in San Francisco or putting another wrestler through a glass plate window) and I was there to see one incident; the young twenty-one year old muscled up weight lifter/bouncer weighing about 280 lbs should not have called him an “old man” – 60 seconds later the pumped up toughie needed a knee replacement!  Unfortunately, a few years later Peter passed away but he left behind a legacy. wwehalloffame-1 The seventies, eighties, nineties has come and gone. But, the thing which has prevailed is the friendship with these men and their families.  The Tri-Fitness is honored to have Dwayne Johnson as its spokesperson and the involvement of the Rock Foundation in its Children’s Fitness Challenge.  Dany Garcia Johnson has been a judge, volunteer and supporter of our event since its beginning.  Next to my dad, Ata Johnson has been my biggest supporter and believed in my idea of Tri-Fitness when not many did.  Tiffany Vandermark was the first athlete who told me I had to put on an event.  Torrie Wilson, a young girl from Boise, Idaho, was the first athlete registered for the initial 1998 Tri-Fitness event.  Following right behind her was Chicago’s Lisa Marie Varon who would become “Victoria.”  Both Torrie and Lisa have gone on to successful WWE careers. Tonga Fifita became the Tri-Fitness Vice-President and his family would work the events (sons Tevita and Pate are presently training as wrestlers).  When Leah celebrated her eightieth birthday following our 2007 Tri-Fitness World Challenge and The Rock Malibu Children’s Fitness Challenge it was great to have all there.   In summation, I know millions of wrestling fans will be watching in person and on television when these men are inducted.  Among those will be thousands of Tri-Fitness athletes as our event might never have evolved if it wasn’t for the support of those mentioned above.  Thank you Vince McMahon!

My Experience competing in the Tri-Fitness Challenge

Two Days of Glory - Just TRI –IT!

Guest Post By Tiffany Rae (Tri-Fitness Competitor)


Tiffany Rae Tri-Fitness Fitness Routines Event

Tiffany Rae Tri-Fitness Fitness Routines Event


Train, sweat, diet, almost sleep, and repeat. At last, the great moment has arrived! You’ve dieted, worked your tail off (or up), gotten nails done, hair done, paid for the expensive airline ticket, paid for the host hotel and your moment of fame is here!


You waltz on stage, nerves trying to settle, pose front, smile, pose side right, pose rear, and pose side left. Waiting, three seconds feel like eternity and you wonder if the judges heard your stomach growl, as you hold for the comparison with the other models. Exit stage!  Whew! Two minutes have passed and you can now exhale!


About an hour later you come off the emotional adrenaline high. A victory is celebrated for all your hard work. Not to diminish the accomplishment in any way, but what would you rather have:  two minutes of fame for months of training? Or, shall we consider two days of glory?


Two days of glory? Good answer! TRI-IT!


TriFit Challenge has maintained 17 years of obstacle course ruggedness mixed with feminine beauty and strength. Men, women, and children can participate in the fun held in Tampa, Florida.


Day 1, bench 60% (women) or 80% (men) of your body weight and then find some energy for the evening with the physique and/or model round. More than two minutes later, you can change into costume for a power-house fitness routine, another two minutes of intense high impact strength, cardio, flexibility and of course, entertainment.


Day 2, (have your muscles recovered?) READY, SET, GO! Go for the obstacle course, where there will be real-life characters as fast as FLASH barreling over rope walls, hurdles, cargo nets and more! Tired? There’s no time, pump up for the box jumps, just 50 as fast as you can (and did I mention there are 50 –year- olds as fast as lightning?  Hold onto your stars Wonder Woman!)  Get-up-and-go, and go some more, because there is no stopping until you are finished with the shuttle runs. At long last! You can rest by the poolside. That’s it, take in the smell of the relaxing waves from the blue ocean and enjoy some well-earned down time before awards. You can reflect upon how well your months of training paid off for two days of vigorous glory.


By the way, if you still have any sort of liveliness to your limbs, promoter Al Rosen has added a new event (230 yard True Grit Challenge) where you go over 5 foot walls, bear crawl through shoots, kettle bell swings, tire flips, farmer carry, heavy rope, hurdles, etc.  There’s no doubt as to why “Challenge” is in the title!


TriFitness Worlds are June 27-28, 2014



Posted on Apr 2, 2014