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2014 Tri-Fitness - Hall of Fame

Amymarie Fargo

Amymarie Fargo started competing in 1999 and has been involved with Tri-Fitness ever since. In 2002

she won 1st in Las Vegas with a time of 49.94. She has placed in the overall Tri-Fitness in multiple competitions.

When she wasn’t competing, Amy has volunteered at numerous Tri-Fit competitions. Her athletic ability

has rubbed off on her son Skylar who recently earned a football scholarship.


Anne Groff

Anne Groff is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania and started competing in Tri-Fitness at the 2000 World

Challenge in Clearwater, Florida. In 2006 Anne won the Tri-Fitness Fall Challenge overall Tri-Fitness title

in Tampa, Florida. When Anne first started competing she did 9 bench presses but a decade later and

as she neared fifty in age, she did 50 repetitions. Anne has been responsible for bringing numerous

athletes from the Pennsylvania area to numerous Tri-Fitness Challenges.


Bernadette Schimnowski Rosen

Bernadette Schimnowski became the first Winnipeg, Manitoba athlete to compete in Tri-Fitness when

she came to challenge herself in 2004 in Las Vegas. Despite running close to 2 minutes on the obstacle

course, Bernadette smiled and new she had found her sport. When asked about her time of close to 24

seconds on the monkey bar, she explained that she dedicated each of the 16 bars to her 13 siblings, her

parents and saved the last one for herself. Over the next decade Bernadette has lowered her time on

the course to 51.88 seconds. She has placed in the top 10 in Grace & Physique on several occasions and

became the 2013 overall winner at the Sunshine State Challenge while setting a record in the True Grit.

She has done marketing and video production for Tri-Fitness during the last 8 years.


Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas is from Chicopee, Massachusetts and has been competing in Tri-Fitness since 2002. In 2003

Lisa won the Overall at the Sunshine State Challenge in Orlando and in 2005 the Fall Challenge in Tampa.

A mother of two, Lisa owns a training studio and has brought numerous athletes to compete in Tri-Fitness.

She has placed in the top 10 at the World Challenge in Las Vegas on multiple occasions.

Lisa has run a 54.26 on the obstacle course!


Sheila Law

Sheila Law is from Winter Haven, Florida where she is a gym owner. Sheila started Tri-Fitness in 1999

and went on to win the Overall Tri-Fitness title at the 2002 Tri-Fitness Nationals in St. Petersburg.

Sheila has run a 55.48 on the obstacle course and has finished in the top 10 at the World Challenge in

Las Vegas multiple times. In addition, Sheila has brought numerous athletes from Central Florida to

challenge themselves in Tri-Fitness.





Teresa Evans

Teresa Evans started competing in Tri-Fitness in 2001. A personal trainer on the westcoast of Florida,

Teresa won the 2003 South Eastern Tri-Fitness Challenge. Teresa has run a 58.36 on the obstacle

course and scored the best shuttle run time at the 2009 Tri-Fitness Nationals. When she wasn’t

competing, Teresa was helping judge Tri-Fitness events. In 2011 and 2012, Teresa brought her clients

to compete in the first two True Grit Team Challenges.


Thomas Oed

Thomas Oed is a fitness photographer from San Diego, California. He first started shooting Tri-Fitness

events in 2004 Las Vegas. Over the next decade, Thomas has attended almost every Tri-Fitness event

as well as numerous camps in Southern California. In addition to running up and down the obstacle

course to get the best shot, Thomas is well known for his individual photo shoots of fitness athletes. His

pictures have appeared in numerous fitness magazines throughout the world.

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