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2015 Tri-Fitness Hall of Fame


Alexandra Muzzarelli You guys made me CRYYY
The camaraderie at your event is like none other! Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

Lindsey Rosen

Thousands of athletes call you coach but I am one lucky girl to be able to call you both my COACH and more importantly my FATHER. Thank you for believing me and pushing me to become both a better person and athlete! I love you! Xoxoxo

Jenny Williams Al, I am honored to be included in the Hall of Fame in this great sport you have created. It is always so competitive and Fun! You are one in a million! I have done, and judge many other types of fitness competitions, but no other promoter of these shows would have remembered picking me up from the airport 15 years ago, or even would have come! much less welcome me into his house to train like you have with so many of these girls! None would make sure everyone registers on time so they do not get penalized, no one would remember EVERY name(you are not just a number), every ones home town, how many kids they have and their names! I appreciate you so much and I am honored to know you! Thank you for all your time, patience and hard work! Love You Al Rosen!

Sylvia Ferrero Such an honor, Al! Thank you for all you do…

Katie Uter Normand Thank you Al for all that you do for all these amazing athletes! It was my honor to be a part of it! Much love always for you and the Tri-Fit!

Christy Daly This was my first time at Tri Fit, I came under the wing of Jaquelyn Kay Kastelic. It was the best decision I’ve made! I loved every minute of it. The people were just so amazing and friendly and supportive. I can’t wait for next year! Thanks for the awesome event

Evelyn Bailey Although we only did True Grit, we had a blast. It was my pleasure to introduce Dean Amarosa, Ed Kourany Jr, Corey Garner, and Danny Hinson to one if your events. I’m hoping they enjoyed themselves enough to come back, try Trifit, and to invite friends. Thanks for all you do, Al!

Shelly Scamardo Kantor Thank you!! I met so many inspiring women! Congratulations on another amazing show!

Jaquelyn Kay Kastelic I had the best time ever, Al. Thank you for organizing such a great event, there is none out there like it. My favorite part is how supportive everyone is, all other shows people are hoping you’ll trip and fall or something will go wrong. at Tri Fit people are cheering you and helping you all along the way no matter which event; bikini, course, bench….it’s such a great thing to be apart of!! Coming back and getting to do it this year made me realize how much I have missed it!!!

Ed Kourany Jr Thanks Al! True Grit was an awesome first experience. I look forward to trying Tri-Fit in November. I’m hooked!

Bonnie Keaton Thanks Al Rosen, it was great being back after 8 years! Looking forward to next year

LA Harris Very cool event!

Dawn Marie Forestt Al, it was wonderful to attend the event. I am so inspired and thankful to be a part of the Tri-Fit Family. Seeing athletes and woman overcome obstacles both on the course and in their lives is truly amazing. Seeing woman skill obstacles after hearing their personal stories is what gives me goosebumps and realize how much your event changes LIVES!! Thank you! You ROCK! Xo

Morgan Lindsay

I had the best weekend ever! I did not come home with medals around my neck for the blood, sweat, tears, and hard work I put into completing. However, I can home with dozens of new friends, a Tri-Fitness Challengefamily, PR’s on the Obstacle Course (with both shoes on) Bench Press, and Box Jumps. And a blast with TrueGrit. A metal could never measure up to how I grew from November to the May Show. So proud!!!! Al RosenWillie Thomas,Mary Parrett, and Team Tampa, thank you for the encouragement to push me that much farther. I love you guys. See you all in 2 weeks for practice.

Dominic Juan Dorsey

What an amazing weekend with the Tri-Fitness Challenge. This was absolutely the best fitness, family, and fun event all rolled up in one. To see all the participants cheering for each other, the athletes achieving goals they never thought they could, the new friends and fitness family many gained was amazing! Al Rosen and Bernadette Schimnowski-Rosen thanks for helping change lives and I’m definitely anxious for next years event!

James Schimnowski Al and Bernadette It is always a pleasure to come and help you guys out before, during and after your awesome show and Al you are right when you describe all of team Trifit as a family.
As an outsider I have personally witnessed the trifit family support each other personally and professionally and on a constant basis.
I always walk away eager to return for the next show to help out and watch it grow into something bigger and better… Cheers…

Carol Anthony I am privileged to be part of a special new family. Thank you to everyone for accepting me with open arms. I am inspired beyond my wildest dreams. One of life’s truly ‘WOW’ moments. We are safely home in SA. Preparation starts now for Tri-Fitness World challenge 2014. Love to all.

Teresa Evans That’s my favorite thing about the TriFit – everyone is family!

Sidney Breazeale Jones Thank you for putting on a great show. I have been so fortunate to meet so many new friends since I moved to Tampa. I love all my tri fit friends!!

Jennifer Kirkpatrick Thank YOU, Coach!

Theresa Winterhalter Thx coach!

Mimi Zumwalt TFC is most definitely the best of the best fitness show ever!

Anna DeBose Hankins

Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this encouraging news Al!
So many inspiring stories of those who came back from health set backs far greater than mine to compete-wow! the heart & the passion for living & shoeing themselves I-we-could do it! I didn’t do nearly as well on the obstacle course as I would’ve hoped. Thought I came in near last, actually when I saw how others flew through the course. That rope wall at the start was really tough! Plan on doing so much better next year!
I’ve told SO many people about Tri Fit & the amazing experience it was-with the hopes of inspiring several more to join next year’s event. You are truly an inspiration. Grateful to have met you. Have some great shots I’ll share w/you soon-ESP one of you & Stacy during her bench press.
Thanks again for being wonderful you.????


Sharon Rasponi

Ha Ha! I am excited I can still do a minute without really practicing:) I work on the sprints all the time, but nothing compares to putting it all together on the course. I am motivated again it is just so hard with my work schedule. Exciting to meet so many new and still have so many familiar faces, it really is an awesome event and so glad I found you about 10 years ago now:)


Jamie Ferrario Barnes

we r on for 2014! I have ACL knee and was cautious, but am now getting better prepared….U and ur wife r a true testimony to fitness….thank u!!!!


Whitney Schneider

Thanks for everything Al! We had a great time and we look forward to doing it all again next year!


Brandy Angelo

It was all my pleasure. I am happy to help Dina with anything. She is hands down my favorite person. I did enjoy this years Tri-Fit. It was even better having you as my coach on the obstacle course. I felt very lucky to have you “yell,” at me to get rid of the rope. No one has a voice like yours! I love that you made Tri-Fit for women. Your daughters are very lucky to have a father like you. Your daughters are very nice women and I enjoyed meeting them again.
Hope to see you in September. I’ve been trying to get some guys involved. Lets see if I can persuade them.
Tell Bernadette hello and that she looked amazing.


Michelle Vesely Galarza

Thank you Coach!!! I feel like I’m changing and these words mean a lot!!! Big hugs and see you as soon as the ankle gives me the okay. It’s getting better but def can feel like tightness around my calf and through my foot. I’m thinking 2 weeks to be safe.


Danielle McGlynn

Al! my goodness thank you! Yes, my husband took video w/my phone & did still shots from that video. Honestly, best challenge by far, you, Bruce (who my husband went “oh my God I know who these guys are!!” He very much followed wrestling & when I read him the story of Milton we were touched. It seems rare to come across kind souls these days!) Anyhow, you Bruce, Bernadette, the athletes, awesome! The journey of training for this was fantastic, I see techniques I need/want to learn & improve on like doing sprints the right way, building up strength & stamina on box jumps, clearing that 10ft wall faster & not knocking that poll down in the end Lol! But again, thank you so much, yes I will be back & I aim to recruit more. This is hands down the best event compared to all others that I’ve done in the last 9 years..


Kimberly Taylor Strathy

Thank you so much! I keep trying and trying to get that dang OC under a minute. Perhaps next time along with all 50 reps on my bench. 9 more reps to go!



Gina Germano Raines

Wow! That’s awesome! I had such a great time:) …someday I will get 50 on bench I’m not giving up on that!



Liva Rivera

Thank you so much!!! That means more than you know…. Here’s to slowing down enough in the coming months to get the 54 second course I’ve been chasing..


Shannon J C Rosener

Hi Al ! Thank you! I had such a blast and my favorite part was how supportive and uplifting everyone was. I was super nervous and expected the worst but everyone I spoke to was so nice it really eased the nerves. So thrilled I placed on G&P and even though I ate pavement on the obstacle I had alot of fun. Look forward to seeing you again in the future!


Marissa Martinez Herring

Al… they all want to start training for next year now…I love it.


Rosa Fuller

I had an amazing time and plan to do it again next year


Lisa Harding Kohler

Thanks! It was a huge step out of my comfort zone, but I’m defiantly hooked! I had such a great time! Thanks for making it a great experience! Can’t wait for September!


Amber Skelly

Thanks for having us, it was a great experience and I’m looking forward to next year already!! If we wanted a copy or any pictures of the challenges how would I go about getting some?


Mylin Prieto

thanks! I was very happy and can’t wait for the upcoming events. Hope to be out there very soon, but don’t think i will make it this weekend….I gotta budget some…stephanie said she is doing the world competition next year so i’m sure she will do one of the mini’s with me and maybe even november. same for my sisters…see ya soon!! miss it already…headed to the gym now!


Maria Reinert

Thank you so much!! And, yes, I agree. I plan on crushing my scores next time. 55 sec on the course and much better on box and sprints! See you Saturday!


Andrea M Templeton

Thanks Coach. Next time I will improve!! Hopefully I can make it this summer to practice. Looking for a local job so I dont have to travel.


Heidi Brumback

We had a great time! Thank you for putting on a great event! I left inspired and ready to come back tougher next time!


Megan Ouelette-Johannsen

Thanks. I had a good time. If our gym sends another team next year I may join in. I have been thinking about how I would improve this past week and that may help in setting some new goals.







Amanda Siesholtz Rishell

Thank you for my scores. Better than I thought. Ugh…. those box jumps are my nemesis:( such a litttle box with so much power. I need to keep at it!! 2 out of 3 skills… I’ll take it. Tri Fit has truly been an amazing, life changing experience for me!!! You have had such a positive impact in my life in so many ways:) thank you for all you do~ Amanda


Maricel Igcasenza

Hi Al!! I’m already working on it  I really enjoyed myself and the sportsmanship in itself was amazing. Everyone was so motivating and supportive! I told Marissa I want to make top 20 next year. Thank you for all that you and Bernadette do to make Tri-Fit happen! Is there a whole list of times that will be posted or just the top finishers?


Carly Mitchell

Thanks!!! You rock! Good work! I know how much time and effort it is to organize events and you do a great job!


Eileen Harris

Al, I cannot thank you enough for all that you and your family do. I know the award you gave Heather is out of the goodness of your heart. Thank You. I just wanted to let you know that the Fitness Routine I could never have done had I not come out in November and realized the goodness, love and compassion of the people involved with tri-fit. God put the song and routine in my heart and gave me the courage to perform because I cannot even speak in a group of 3 or more. The people who are involved in tri-fit are not your “average joe’s” and that is a reflection of all that you and your family do. Thank You will never be sufficient for what you have done in my life. I am so humbled and grateful. This smile will never my heart or soul. Thank you.


Tara A. McDougal

Hi Al! I just wanted to say thank you for the amazing experience this weekend! The welcome and encouragement I felt throughout the entire competition made me feel like family. I was not expecting that! Also, I wanted to know when we would find out how we placed? Everyone at home will be asking me when I get back. Hope you’re having a great day!


Torrie Wilson

Hi Al!

Oh my gosh thanks so much for the invite! I loved that I got to come! My gosh your girls’ are all GORGEOUS!!! Would love to run the course sometime while Im here. It’s so amazing to me that you have kept up such a stellar show all these should be proud! Hope to see you soon. :))



Marie Wood Lombardo-Landicini

Thank you. I am so happy I did this. I never realized how amazing just being a part of Tri fit can make me feel. I cannot wait until next year!


Sidney Breazeale Jones

Thank you! I had a lot of fun and have met a lot of good friends!


Susan Monge

Thank you so much for having me!! I plan on actually practicing the skills now before I came back…that might help  On a serious note…I want to thank you and Bernadette from the bottom of my heart. It was two years ago this month that I flew out there to cheer Michelle on. I sat in that audience with tears flowing down my face. The energy of those amazing athletes was contagious! I knew then in there that my life would never be the same. Two years later I am 85 pounds lighter and went from a size 18W to a 6. I finally feel like an athlete. You, your wife, and all the amazing athletes inspired me so much. There are no words to thank you for giving me my life back!