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Battle By The Bay!

Women’s Tri-Fitness

“Battle on the Beach Fitness Festival”

Bringing the sport to a new level, Rosen and Nagel brought in Andy Kindle, 30-year television veteran, and 14-time Emmy Award winner for his production and direction of television events, including the NFL, Winter Olympics, and Tpur DeFrance as the executive producer for the Women’s Tri-Fitness Competition.
Danielle Nagel opened the August event with a press conference sponsored by Frankie’s Patio of Ybor City as the athlete’s prepared for the evening’s first event, the obstacle course. Despite the threat of rain, the athletes were ready to attack the 150 yard course.
The obstacle course competition was fierce as each athlete had two runs. Two hours later, as the dust cleared and a rainbow smiled on the athletes, Tampa’s Cheryl Vasquez was declared the winner as she narrowly edged out Louisiana’s Katie Uter and Kristin Coleman from Weirsdale, Florida. Placing 4th was California’s Lara McGlashan and Lois Smucker from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, placed 5th.
After wiping away the sweat and covering up some of the scratches and bruises, the women prepared for the grace and physique round sponsored by the St. Petersburg beach restaurant, The Undertow. After tallying up the judges results, Katie Uter walked away with the 1rst place vote. Finishing behind Katie were Sheila Law and Pat Guzman.
Immediately following the grace and physique round, the athletes changed into their fitness outfits and competed in the fitness event sponsored by The Boddy Shoppe Gym and Fitness Center of Tampa, Florida. The sensational Sheila Law placed 3rd, followed by the 2nd place finish of the high-flying, show-stopping Jennifer Rosen. Squeaking out Rosen was champion and veteran fitness competitor, Katie Uter. Katie’s performance was flawless as she shook, tumbled, and hip-hopped her way to the winner’s circle.
The overall Tri-Fitness award winners were:
  • 1st place: Katie Uter
  • 2nd place: Sheila Law
  • 3rd place: Jennifer Rosen


Despite a long, grueling two days, the women made it to the “Battle on the Beach” at Bongos. They participated in 10 events on 10 teams named after the sponsors. The events included the bench press, box jump, 40-yard dash, beach obstacle course, agility runs, dips, heavy rope. etc.