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2010 Tri-Fitness World Challenge – Las Vegas

2010 Tri-Fitness World Challenge

By Lindsey Rosen

Photos By: Carl Thygesen, Thomas Oed, Tom Yip,Rick Schaff,Terry Goodlad,Kaity Kirkegarrd

The Tri-Fitness World Challenge brought together 200 athletes from around North America. Connie Knott from North Port, Florida became the 2010 Tri-Fitness World Champion while Willie Thomas won the Men’s Division Overall Title. Additional first place winners were Colleen Baughn in Grace & Physique; Trina Wiggins in Fitness Routine; Melissa Wuorinen in Fitness Skills; Connie Knott in Obstacle Course; Willie Thomas in Men’s Obstacle Course; John Slatchetka in Men’s Fitness Skills; Marianne Colon in Overall Tri-Fitness Model.But, in Tri-Fitness, all athletes walked away winners as they met their goal: “To Feel the Power of Accomplishment.”

See below what they had to say by email to promoter Al Rosen:

“Thanks again for everything this past weekend. This was my first competition EVER and it exceeded all expectations. You and your team put on an AMAZING show. I can’t thank you enough, YOU are the greatest!!” Minelli McDougall, Nevada
“It’s been such an amazing experience — with the events, the relationships, and the memories. Like countless others, I’m thankful for your vision!” Jennifer Powell, Nebraska

“Words can’t describe how happy I am to have met you and the amazing group of Tri-Fitness competitors. Everybody is wonderful and it was an unforgettable experience. I will definitely see you again in November and hopefully many more Tri-Fitness Competitions in the years to come.” Jessica Jolivet, Massachusetts

“I am still on a high from this weekend and can’t wait for November. I am already imagining myself flipping over the net, but MUCH faster this time!!! I am getting there!” Colleen Baughn, Wisconsin
“I was so honored to be part of an amazing event. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and positive influence you have on so many lives. Tri-Fit rocks!” Debbie Sizemore, West Virginia

“It was an amazing weekend. I truly appreciate all the work that you and the Tri-Fitness team put into making Vegas happen. I met so many wonderful people out there and am impressed by the camaraderie of all the participants. Everyone was so supportive and helpful, which I found very comforting for my first competition. The entire experience, training and competing has truly been life changing for me. I can’t say thank you enough! I will definitely see you in Tampa in November!! Can’t wait! ” Anna Ricci, Texas

“All I can say is that Tri-Fit has changed my life. So thank you and see you in Tampa.” Kimberly Strathy, Maryland

Tri-Fitness Overall
1. Connie Knott
2. Laura Thompson
3. Melissa Wuorinen
4. Renee McHenry
5. Mindy Woodyard

Obstacle Course
1. Connie Knott
2. Heidi Charest
3. Melissa Wuorinen
4. Jessica Watson
5. Abbey Beasley

Grace & Physique
1. Colleen Baughn
2. Jessica Watson
3. Andrea Ramsay
4. Laura Thompson
5. Nichole Franklin
Fitness Skills
1. Melissa Wuorinen
2. Connie Knott
3. Cara Ingram
4. Allison Jeffreys
5. Laura Thompson

Fitness Routines
1. Trina Wiggins
2. Connie Knott
3. Mindy Woodyard
4. Renee McHenry
5. Melissa Wuorinen

Men’s Overall
1. Willie Thomas
2. John Slachetka
3. Sydney Joseph
4. Michael Ramer
5. Yamil Montanez

Tri-Fitness Model Short Class
1. Marianne Colon
2. Minelli McDougall
3. Jody Moltz
4. Katy Boyce
5. Amber Jones

Tri-Fitness Model Tall Class
1. Bernadette Schimnowski
2. Maegan Bradley
3. Leann Lobban
4. Tasha Larson
5. Leslie Mowatt

Tri-Fitness Model Overall
Marianne Colon

~ video by : Berna ~