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2018 Hall of Fame

The term Hall of Fame was basically originated in 1900 when the first U.S Hall of Fame was founded at Bronx Community College in the Bronx, New York (the same Bronx that Al Rosen is from). Since, Hall of Fames have been created for baseball in Cooperstown, New York; Football in Canton, Ohio and there are Hall of Fame for most other sports as well as other industries of entertainment, WWE, Rock and Roll, etc. In 2012 the Tri-Fitness Challenge started their Hall of Fame and they induct new members each year.

The prerequisites for the Hall of Fame are the inductees have been involved with Tri-Fitness for at least 10 years and have made an impact on the sport. In the sport of Tri-Fitness, the athletes compete in the Obstacle Course, Fitness Skills (Box Jumps, Bench Press and Shuttle Run), Fitness Routine, True Grit Challenge and the bedazzling Grace and Physique event. Thus, the following athletes are not only fit, but fast and fierce as well. The induction also includes photographers, magazine editors, judges, etc. The 2018 inductees include the following:

Colette Keno has been challenging herself and volunteering at Tri-Fitness events since 2001. She won 1st place in the Tri-Fitness Optional and Obstacle course at the 2002 Orlando Tri-Fitness Challenge. She is in the top 15 all-time on the Obstacle Course with a time of 49.74 seconds.   Colette is also an accomplished runner and is an athletic director at a school in South Florida.

Beth Martello is a registered dietitian and nutritionist and a native of Pennsylvania. This mother of three girls has been involved with Tri-Fitness since 2002 and placed 3rd in Grace and Physique at the 2003 Orlando event. In addition, she placed 11th overall and has run a 73.01 on the Obstacle Course.   Beth has been judging at Tri-Fitness events for more than 10 years and had her twins participating in Tri-Fitness when they were young.

Amy Magliulo has been a fitness trainer in Tampa for the last 20 plus years. She started with Tri-Fitness in 1998 and placed top 20 in the overall at the 1999 World Challenge.   In addition, she placed in the top 10 in Dual Optional and Grace & Physique at the 1999 Tri-Fitness Battle by the Bay. She has run a 66.21 on the Obstacle Course.   She has been judging events for more than 10 years and dedicates her induction into the Tri-Fitness Hall of Fame to her son Lucas.

Theresa Winterhalter, a U.S. Army veteran, has been challenging herself with Tri-Fitness since 2006. In addition, her 2 daughters have competed with her. Theresa has run the Obstacle Course in 52.16 seconds. As an accomplished runner, she has run most of the top marathons and half marathons in the country. She presently trains the U.S Army using many of the Tri-Fitness elements of True Grit, Obstacle Course and Skills.

Renee Lomenick is an elementary school teacher and mother of 2 boys. She competed in Tri-Fitness from 2000 to 2003 and has been judging and volunteering ever since. In addition, she represented Tri-Fitness at several trade show events as a Tri-Fitness model.   She placed top 15 in Grace & Physique in the 2001 Orlando event and ran a 61.27 on the Obstacle Course at the 2002 Tri-Fitness World Challenge in Las Vegas.

Terry Goodlad is a world renown fitness photographer who is originally from Canada.   Oxygen Magazine initially hired Terry to cover the Tri-Fitness Challenge for their magazine.   Terry has covered Tri-Fitness events in Las Vegas and Florida. A man of integrity, he admires and respects the event and how each athlete is treated. He and his wife Ana, have become foster parents and their goal is to provide love and a safe environment for children.

Melissa Barber who is better known as “Moe” challenged herself in Tri-Fitness from 2003 until 2007. When Moe first came out to Tri-Fitness practice, coached called her “Pretty Pony” as she galloped instead of sprinting. She explained she hadn’t ever participated in sports. Within 4 years she was able to run a 58.78 on the Obstacle Course as well as placing 5th in Grace & Physique at the 2007 Tri-Fitness World Challenge in Las Vegas.   She has helped at Tri-Fitness events during the last 10 years.

Sharon Rasponi is a graduate of the University of Florida and is employed by Home Shopping Network. She started competing in Tri-Fitness in 2005 and placed in the top 20 on Obstacle Course at the 2005 World Challenge. Her personal record on the Obstacle Course is 55.40 seconds but her big accomplishment was when she hit 50 reps on the bench press.   She has helped at every event which she hasn’t participated in.

Tina Flanders is a personal trainer from Dallas, Texas.   She first started challenging herself in Tri-Fitness in 2008. Age is just a number as Tina is now 60 plus years young and still flying through the Obstacle Course (ran a 90 seconds in 2017) and True Grit. She continues to promote Tri-Fitness in Dallas and has encouraged clients and friends to challenge themselves.