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2015 Tri-Fitness - Hall of Fame

The term Hall of Fame was basically originated in 1900 when the first U.S Hall of Fame was founded at Bronx Community College in the Bronx, New York (the same Bronx that Al Rosen is from). Since, Hall of Fames have been created for baseball in Cooperstown, New York; Football in Canton, Ohio and there are Hall of Fame for most other sports as well as other industries of entertainment, WWE, Rock and Roll, etc. Four years ago, the Tri-Fitness Challenge started their Hall of Fame and they induct new members each year. This year, 2015, we are proud to induct the following people who have impacted Tri-Fitness:

Tiffany Rae

Tiffany Rae started competing in Tri-Fitness in 2005 at the World Challenge in Las Vegas. She has placed in the top 10 numerous times and is known for her strong athletic Fitness Routines. While living in Germany, Tiffany has traveled twice to Florida to compete as she declares the Tri-Fitness as the ultimate fitness event for women. Tiffany has run a 61.98 seconds on the Obstacle Course!

Sandra Augustin

Sandra Augustin started competing in Tri-Fitness in 2001 in Las Vegas. After four years of placing in the top 10 she won the 2005 Tri-Fitness World Challenge. As a personal trainer in Sacramento, she built a large Tri-Fitness team, SASS Fitness, which competed in several World Challenges. She always comes with a strong fitness routine and has placed in the top 5 in Grace & Physique. Sandra has run an impressive 57.06 on the Obstacle Course!


Shelly Scamardo Kantor

Shelly Scamardo Kantor started competing in Tri-Fitness in 1999 at the Tri-Fitness World Challenge as part of the Katie Uter’s Louisiana Explosion Team. When Shelly moved to Tampa, her Tri-Fitness workouts intensified as she continued to challenge herself. She graduated with a degree in Health Promotion and Exercise Science from Southeastern Louisiana University. She is currently the Wellness Educator at Tampa General Hospital. She has won the Tri-Fitness Model competion and loves to challenge herself on the obstacle course. Shelly has run a 61.20 seconds on the Obstacle Course!


Marissa Herring

Marissa Herring is from Windermere, Florida and is a former Florida State Seminole cheerleader. She started competing in Tri-Fitness in 2006 at the World Challenge in Las Vegas. Marissa has previously won the Fitness Routine and has been a top five overall champion at several World Challenges. In addition, Marissa has trained numerous athletes at Garage Mama Fitness and Trinity Sports Performance for Tri-Fitness.   This year, Marissa is competing as are her 2 young daughters Amani and Maori. She has run a 58.82 seconds on the Obstacle Course!


Shar Courtney

Shar Courtney is from Weatherford, Texas and owns the Workout Company. Over the last decade Shar has competed in almost every Tri-Fitness World Challenge and has constantly placed in the top twenty.   Her best Obstacle Course time is 58.25 seconds! Shar has brought numerous men and women athletes to challenge themselves in Tri-Fitness. In addition, she has hosted a Tri-Fitness camp at her facility in Texas. Despite a reconstructed knee, Shar continues to compete and challenge herself!





Willie Thomas

Willie Thomas is a personal trainer and president of H.E.A.T in Sarasota, Florida. He studied Exercise Science at the University of Miami. Originally from Houston, Texas, Willie has been the Overall Tri-Fitness Men’s Champion and holds the World Record on the Obstacle Course with a time of 38.13 seconds.


Sheryl Houck

Sheryl Houck started competing in 1998 at the 1st Tri-Fitness World Challenge in Tampa. Originally from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Sheryl relocated and graduated from the University of Tampa with a degree in government. After training hard for the 1998 and 1999 Tri-Fitness World Challenge, Sheryl came back with a vengence and atacked the Tri-Fitness Obstacle Course at Clearwater Beach, Florida which she won with a time of 53.00 seconds. During the last decade, Sheryl has judged and voluteered at numerous Tri-Fitness Events.

Lindsey Rosen

Lindsey Rosen was told she would never be able to run as she was born with an obstructed airway. Despite having a tracheostomy for 7 years, Lindsey continued to exercise and participated in dance. She has helped out at every Tri-Fitness Event since 1998 and previously performed a lyrical dance routine in 2002 (after 9-11) to the song, Proud To Be An American at the World Challenge in Las Vegas.   In 2013 Lindsey decided to step up her game and train for Tri-Fitness. In 2014, she placed 5th in the Tri-Fitness World Challenge Overall! She ran a 63.09 seconds on the Obstacle Course. She is a true example of overcoming obstacles!

Mia & Ritch Finnegan

Mia & Ritch Finnegan have been in the Fitness World for over 25 years. Both personal trainers, Mia went on to win the Ms. Olympia and Ritch worked for Arnold. When Al Rosen started Tri-Fitness they both supported his idea and were on the Tri-Fitness Board of Directors. In 2000, they judged the Tri-Fitness event in Clearwater Beach. Being Diamond Distributors with AdvoCare, they introduced AdvoCare to Al and Bernadette Rosen and Tri-Fitness as they continued to Build Champions.

Milton McBride Rosen

Milton McBride Rosen is the ultimate example of overoming all obstacles. Born with Down Syndrome and having lost his parents at an early age, Milton was adopted by Bruce and Al Rosen when he was 15 and weighed 60 lbs. He was raised at the Boddy Shoppe Gym in Tampa and was a weight lifting champion having bench pressed 255 lbs and deadlifting 310 lbs at 140 lb bodyweight. His younger brother Dwayne The Rock Johnson calls him his inspiration as does his sister Jacquelyn (former pro tennis player) and sisters Stephanie, Jennifer and Lindsey Rosen. He is always involved in Tri-Fitness Challenges as the women have enjoyed having him escort them on stage. A movie is being made about his life!

Rick Schaff

Rick Schaff is a well known photographer and has been published in every major bodybuilding and fitness magazine in the industry. Rick has been providing images for Tri-Fitness for the last 15 years and a lot of his work has appeared in Oxygen and Natural Muscle Magazine. He is the owner of Health and Inspiration Enterprise. Rick continues to provide expert nutritional guidance to many Tri-Fitness athletes!

George & Rita Rosen

George & Rita Rosen were Al Rosen’s biggest supporters when he started Tri-Fitness. George, Al’s father, attended the 1999 Tri-Fitness World Challenge held at Tampa Convention Center and his mom, Rita attended the World Challenge in Las Vegas. Rita has helped out at numerous Tri-Fitness events and has made her own Tri-Fitness Obstacle Course video when she was 82 years young. She has overcome her own share of medical obstacles. George passed away in 2004.   When asked what he thought of Tri-Fitness, George would always state: TERRIFIC!

Ata and Dwayne Johnson

Ata and Dwayne Johnson have been part of Tri-Fitness since its beginning. Ata was one of Al Rosen’s biggest supporters and encouraged him to help athletes conquer their fears and overcome all obstacles. Having overcome her own obstacles, lung cancer and a head on car crash, she is here at the young age of 66 to compete in her first Tri-Fitness World Challenge! Dwayne, many know him as The Rock, has supported Tri-Fitness by doing Tri-Fitness video promotions and developing the Children’s Fitness Challenge through The Rock Foundation. Tri-Fitness was proud to be a part of the event at the Malibu Pier.