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Celebrating Excellence in Tri-Fitness

2022 Tri-Fitness Challenge Hall of Fame

Join us as we honor the athletes who have pushed the boundaries of fitness and perseverance in the Tri-Fitness Challenge.

Experience the Thrill of Tri-Fitness

Watch this exhilarating video capturing the spirit, energy, and excitement of the Tri-Fitness Challenge. Witness the incredible feats of strength, agility, and endurance that define our competition.

Meet Our Hall of Fame Athletes

Kimi Prohias

Kimi Prohias – Kimi is presently living in Miami, Florida where is a health educator
and fitness specialist. She originally competed in the 2002 Tri-Fitness World
Challenge in Las Vegas and several soon after. Three years ago, Kimi made her
Tri-Fitness comeback and this year she is back doing her fitness routine. In
addition, her daughter Jenny has competed in Tri-Fitness.

Jonathan Souders

Jonathan Souders – is originally from Philadelphia. He studied at Florida Atlantic
and currently lives in Boca Raton, Florida where he is a personal and group
trainer. Jon is married to Jill, she has challenged herself in Tri-Fitness, and they
have a son and daughter. Jon has run 45.72 seconds on the Obstacle Course,
89.79 seconds on True Grit and is the record holder on Shuttle Run.

Kathy Donatto

Kathy Donatto – is originally from Texas but has been living in Miami Beach,
Florida for the past 20 years. She is a personal trainer and teaches Animal Flow.
She has challenged herself in Tri-Fitness and has finished in the top 20
overallseveral times. When she didn’t compete, she was always willing to help at
the events. Kathy has run 58.45 seconds on the Obstacle Course!

Amy Perry

Amy Perry – is originally from California but is presently living in Wilmington,
North Carolina. She is a wife, mom and online fitness coach. She specializes in
teaching moms how to get in shape. Amy competed in numerous Tri-Fitness
World Challenges in Las Vegas and placed in the top 10 in Overall. She has run
the Obstacle Course in 56.44 seconds! In addition, she appeared on the cover of
Tri-Fitness Magazine.

Tina Davis

Tina Davis – is from North Carolina but lives in Columbus, Georgia where she is
the owner of Total Definition of Fitness since 2011. Tina studied Sports and
Fitness Management at Troy Stage University and has been competing in fitness competitions for many years. In 2012, Tina did her first Tri-Fitness Challenge and
enjoyed challenging herself on the Obstacle Course while placing in the top 5 in
Grace & Physique several times.

Kristia Knowles

Kristia Knowles – started challenging herself in Tri-Fitness in 2001 at the World
Challenge held in Las Vegas. She placed in the Grace & Physique and Obstacle
Course events. Kristia also competed in the Tri-Fit Regional in Orlando and ran
the Obstacle Course in 55.42 seconds. She has appeared on the cover of Oxygen,
Muscle & Fitness Hers and Natural Muscle Magazine.

Suzy Perdomo

Suzy Perdomo – is a local girl from Plant City, Florida. In 2012, Suzy started
training for Tri-Fitness and has either competed or helped at every event. In
2021, Suzy did her first Fitness Routine and placed in the Overall. Suzy has run
the Obstacle Course in 57.03 seconds, done True Grit Challenge in 99.19 seconds
and has performed 50 Bench Presses.

Tina Dale

Tina Dale – is originally from Ontario, Canada but has been living in Delray Beach,
Florida where she is the director at Evert Tennis Academy for the past 22 years.
In addition, Tina runs road races of all distances and encourages her friends to
join her with Tri-Fitness and these runs. Tina has run 115.21 seconds on True Grit
and has performed 50 bench presses in Skills.

Stacy Wig

Stacy Wig – has been in the fitness industry for many years and is the CEO of Fitco
Wellness Solutions as well as the Wigged Out Warriors Tri-Fit Team. Stacy studied
sports science at Penn State University and has competed in and trained athletes
for many fitness competitions. Stacy came to Tri-Fit in 2012 because she enjoys
the athletic events Tri-Fitness presents. She has run 112.43 seconds on the True
Grit and has placed in the top 10 overall in Tri-Fitness.

Dominic Dorsey

Dominic Dorsey – originally came to Tri-Fitness as a representative for a supplement company and he was hooked. As a two sport (football and baseball)
Division One athlete at James Madison University, he appreciated the hard work
Tri-Fitness athletes do and the sacrifices they make. Dominic has worked every
event as a spotter and lane judge and enjoys encouraging and pushing the athletes to be their best!

Michelle Vander wel

Michelle Vander wel – is originally from Nebraska and has been challenging herself in Tri-Fitness since 2011. Not only does she do all 7 events, but her husband Greg has been an official Tri-Fitness photographer at the events.
Michelle is in the real estate industry and is a mother to 2 girls and 2 boys. Her
daughter Makayla will be competing this weekend. Michelle enjoys the camaraderie and friendships Tri-Fitness provides.

Dick Smith

Dick Smith – In recognition of the 25th Tri-Fitness World Challenge, we are recognizing Dick Smith for 25 years of support. In 1997, Dick challenged and encouraged Al Rosen to start an event which would be empowering and make a

difference in people’s lives. Dick financially backed the event and bought a trailer to move the courses around. During the early days, Dick would photograph the
event and helped put the equipment together.

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