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2016 Hall of Fame

The term Hall of Fame was basically originated in 1900 when the first U.S Hall of Fame was founded at Bronx Community College in the Bronx, New York (the same Bronx that Al Rosen is from). Since, Hall of Fames have been created for baseball in Cooperstown, New York; Football in Canton, Ohio and there are Hall of Fame for most other sports as well as other industries of entertainment, WWE, Rock and Roll, etc. Five years ago, the Tri-Fitness Challenge started their Hall of Fame and they induct new members each year. This year, 2016, we are proud to induct the following people who have impacted Tri-Fitness:
Brandy Goddard – The former Oklahoma State cheerleader and track athlete was the 2012 Tri-FitnessWorld Challenge overall champion. She has placed in the top 3 at several world challenges and has recorded a 54.25 seconds on the obstacle course. Brandy is known for her dynamic fitness routines as well as being one ofthe best box jumpers in Tri-Fitness history. The mother of two (her daughter Jada, 12, is competing with her at the2016 World Challenge) is presently living in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
Charisse Rivers-Smith – The University of Florida graduate has been involved with Tri-Fitness since 2002. She has placed top ten at numerous events and has helped out as a judge, timer, etc. at all the events which she has not competed. Reesie is also known for her appearance on the reality show Fear Factor where she ate a pig and cow eyeball!   She has run a 52.28 seconds on the obstacle course. Charisse is a mother of two and is owns her own insurance company in Gainsville, Florida.
Connie Knott – The former Mississippi State University cheerleader was the winner of the overall 2010 and 2011 Tri-Fitness World Challenge as well as the 2007-2009 National Challenge. She holds the 2nd faster time on the obstacle course with 46.75 seconds (world record 46.72 seconds).This mother of two and wife of former major league baseball player Jon has always been willing to help with Tri-Fitness events when she wasn’t participating
Dottie Lessard-Brownsberger – Dottie started competing in Tri-Fitness in 2002 and had been active ever since. Born with cystic fibrosis, Dottie received a double lung and double kidney transplant. Despite her medical condition, Dottie never complained and became a role model as well as a well-known motivational speaker and author of her own book. She was a Nike sponsored athlete and was an inspiration to many Tri-Fitness athletes. Dottie was featured on HBO’s Real Sports in 2003 and then adopted a son, Liam as Tri-Fitness became a part of the adoption. In the fall of 2015, Dottie passed away but her legacy will live on as we all remember her never quitting when she rounded the cone and headed down the back part of the obstacle course.
Gina Raines – The former Connecticut native and Tampa athlete has placed in the top five in numerous world challenges and national events. She has won the Tri-Fitness Fitness Routine and has recorded a 52.63 seconds on the obstacle course. Over the years, Gina has become very successful at all the Fitness Skills and loves the challenge they present. She is the mother to son, Major, and she has him involved in sports as well.
Kelley Paz – The former Tampa Bay Buccaneer cheerleader has placed in the top ten at several Tri-Fitness World Challenges and has placed well each time with her Fitness Routine. Kelley has run a 59.94 seconds on the obstacle course. Kelley was inspirational in the start of the sport of Tri-Fitness as she encouraged Al Rosen in 1997.When she wasn’t competing, she was judging, timing and helping out in any way at Tri-Fitness Challenges. She has been a gymnastic coach and choreographer for floor/beam routines which led to Fitness Routines. She is presently running a gymnastic gym in the Grand Caymans.
Pamela Forrest – The former Chicago native and Florida athlete won the 2008 Tri-Fitness Nationals. In addition, she has a  recorded a 50.59 seconds on the obstacle course. Despite not having a dance/gymnastic background, Pam has challenged herself by doing Fitness Routines. She has placed in the top 3 in Grace & Physique several times. Pam, the mother of three girls and personal trainer, continues to inspire her daughters and clients as well as challenging herself.