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Tri-Fitness - Fitness Challenge Events 

What is Tri-Fitness? Tri-Fitness is a fitness challenge event with a foundation based on the dedication to health, fitness and the competitive spirit.   In 1997, Al Rosen decided to create a fitness challenge to empower athletes and have them feel the power of accomplishment. Rosen (a gym owner for 28 years, physical education teacher and coach, former professional wrestler, fitness trainer) with a background in gymnastics used the gymnastic formula to create the scoring (10 point system). Rosen states: “instead of bars, beam, vault and floor the Tri-Fitness has obstacle course, fitness skills, fitness routine and true grit challenge as well as a Grace & Physique competition for women (the physique is a by-product of the type of training and nutrition one does preparing for the event).”   In past television interviews, Rosen has been known to explain how amazing it is to see women looking like Barbie in the Grace & Physique turn into G.I . Jane on the obstacle course.



The Tri-Fitness Challenge – Fitness Challenge Events



Obstacle Course

Comprising of a 10 foot wall, running grid, incline-decline monkey bars,12 foot balance beam, 15 foot cargo net, shuttle run, (3) hurdles, steeplechase jump, sprint, under bar and over bar. Course is 160 yards.


Fitness Routine

A fitness routine not exceeding 2 minutes will be
performed on a professional, safe, cushioned cheerleading floor.



Fitness Skills

Comprised of bench press, shuttle runs, and plyometric box jumps. The sum of these three events will be added then averaged.

Box Jumps


Bench Press


Shuttle Run




Grace and Physique

A competitor will be judged on grace and physique.
The swimsuit will be worn during this round (no thongs).



True Grit Obstacle Course