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Celebrating Excellence in Tri-Fitness

2023 Tri-Fitness Challenge Hall of Fame

Join us as we honor the athletes who have pushed the boundaries of fitness and perseverance in the Tri-Fitness Challenge.

Experience the Thrill of Tri-Fitness

Watch this exhilarating video capturing the spirit, energy, and excitement of the Tri-Fitness Challenge. Witness the incredible feats of strength, agility, and endurance that define our competition.

Meet Our Hall of Fame Athletes

April Lawton

April Lawton is from Tampa, Florida and is a certified massage
therapist. She has a passion for working out and started competing in
Tri-Fitness in 2013. This weekend will be the 10 th straight Tri-Fitness
World Challenge. April has made the all-time True Grit list by running
106.06 seconds. In addition, April has done 2020 rope skips without a

Christina Spikowski

Christina Spikowski is from Nebraska but has made Tampa her home.
She is a graduate of the University of South Florida. Christina will be challenging herself this weekend after having a baby boy, Jaxon, three
months ago. In the past, Christina has run 54.31 seconds on the
Obstacle Course and 96.25 seconds on True Grit.

Kelly Prince

Kelly Prince is a resident of Sarasota where she is the owner and founder of Body Heat Yoga. She was a professional circus/stunt
performer and performed for Disney in Orlando and Tokyo, Japan.
Kelly went on to win the overall at Tri-Fitness Nationals in 2011! She
has run the Obstacle Course in 47.75 seconds and has won Grace &
Physique and Fitness Routine.

Jessica McBride

Jessica McBride is presently residing in Denver, Colorado and is the mother of three. She is married to Willie McBride who is the nephew of Milton, Al Rosen’s adopted son. Upon graduating from Florida State
University, Jess started participating in Tri-Fitness events. In 2007,
Jessica won the Grace & Physique at Tri-Fitness Nationals. She ran the Obstacle Course in 50.26 seconds.

Sidney Jones

Sidney Jones is from South Carolina and a graduate and huge fan of Clemson University. She works in medical sales and is a group exercise instructor. More than 10 years ago, she was on a plane and met Al Rosen and decided to check out Tri-Fitness. For the past 10 years,
Sidney along with friends has been challenging herself in Tri-Fitness.
She is on the True Grit all-time list by running 115.59 seconds.

Corey Canfield

Corey Canfield is from Illinois but has made Tampa his home. He
attended the University of South Florida and presently works in the
insurance claims industry. More than 10 years ago, Corey started doing sound for the Tri-Fitness event. He has done the events at the
TradeWinds, different high schools and the Grand Hyatt and organizes all the Fitness Routine Music as well as the music at Grace &Physique.

Kaylin KK Ramsey

Kaylin KK Ramsey was born into Tri-Fitness. Her first event was in Las
Vegas when she was 10 months old. She is the youngest person to
break a minute on the obstacle course, 59.12 seconds, and has run
103.79 on True Grit. In addition, KK is a member of the USA Junior
National flag football team and an accomplished soccer, basketball,
volleyball, and track athlete.

Aubree Ramsey

Aubree Ramsey was born into Tri-Fitness and has been challenging
herself since she was able to walk and do shuttle run. In addition,
Aubree has helped at Tri-Fitness events by running scores and
wherever she is needed. Aubree was a gymnast but switched to synchronized swimming where she excels. In addition, she played on
her middle school basketball and flag football team as a 6th grader.

Preslee Ramsey

Preslee Ramsey has been challenging herself in Tri-Fitness since she was able to walk. Her favorite event is True Grit but has been seen
doing a one arm flip over the cargo net. In addition, she helps and
cheers on each athlete. Her hobbies include ballet, tap and other forms
of dance. Preslee loves working out in the gym and enjoys keeping up
with her 2 older sisters.

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