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2001 Women’s tri-Fitness World Challenge

In November of 1997, the idea to create a prestigious women’s fitness event became a potential goal. This event would consist of a grace and physique round, fitness routine, and an obstacle course. The women would be divided into age groups. This first event would be called the Ironwomen Pro-Am Fitness World Championship.

After five months of  advertising, the event became a reality on May 15, 1998. The Ironwomen attracted 70 athletes representing 17 states and took place in Tampa, Florida.Several national magazines covered the show which would later be televised on ESPN’s American Muscle. Most important, the competitors had a great time and rewarding experience.Soon after, there was an overwhelming demand for more competitors.

Al Rosen, the founder of Women’s Tri-Fitness, decided to include a fitness industry trade show in addition to the competition.After attending trade shows in Chicago, L.A., Orlando, Tampa, Columbus, and Atlanta, Rosen attracted 60 sponsers for the April event. This event would be called the 1999 MaxXbar Women’s Tri-Fitness World Championship