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Kim Lipe:  We had such an amazing time; already have people that want to come next year! Thank you; thank you; thank you!  J

Cari Schlauch:  Tr-iFit 2016!! This was my second year competing, and it was every bit as challenging as last year! I walked away with a new respect for what it means to be a true athlete…..Win or Lose!! I didn’t bring home any medals this year, but I gave it my ALL! Even better and More rewarding than personal wins, I watched my sister and a group of girls that we coached, dominate the courses and the stage, and do things they never thought they could!!
It isn’t about the “Win”, it’s about the GRIT and the DEDICATION and the GUTS to step out of your comfort zone and do the things that SCARE you!! What are you waiting for?
Just Do It!!??

Leslie Martin:  Most of u know I’ve been a loner, from social groups to athletics- I do my own thing. Given a gift to run & jump like a horse ? didn’t always set well w/ the majority. Prior to this past weekend my circle was small w/ only those brave enough to take my strengths & weakness and still love me for “Leslie”. I’m very much aware it isn’t an easy task, but this weekend has given me incredible strength from the support, guidance, love, & laughs from ?#?teamfit to remove all former negative mindsets & self talk. It is an incredible feeling being surrounded by so many hard working, motivated, dedicated beautiful people from the inside out- whom 95% of I never met before in my life. It doesn’t matter how old u are, athletic, or what u do for a living. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or did- there is no comparisons to one another, no envy, no selfishness, & zero judging from one another. There’s just love, w/ the mindset we can and will achieve anything together while also having a blast! Watching & having each other’s back. It’s simply the best feeling in the world to be apart of this team that no medal, trophy or award could come close to. We all bring something to the table that fills every gap possibly needed. I’m so thankful for having such an amazing group of ladies to take me under their wing. For @mia_finnegan having the strength & heart to pass on her knowledge, expertise & time. To share & duplicate this passion w/ Liz. For @liz_cort_team_fit_mom to be brave enough to take that leap, let her passion of fitness & helping people run wild to her true potential. For her to also have this burning desire to share, teach coach & mentor those who want more out of life. The unselfishness of these 2 powerhouses never ceases to blow me away. My tears of joy & thankfulness don’t lie. You ladies paved the way & brought life back into me! I can never thank u enough. This was one of the best weekends of my life, but it is truly just the beginning!!
TriFit 2017 mark ur calendars June 2&3.

Jeanne Oubre, Louisiana:  This crazy journey we signed up for has been one heck of experience to say the least!!! There could not have been a better timing for me! I’m turning 40 on July 16th & it has really been on my mind & in a bad way, but now that I’ve seen what I’ve seen this past week & EXPERIENCED IT, it has completely opened my eyes about what “40” is all about! Any age is what YOU make of it, your struggles & weaknesses are what YOU make of them!
Yes, we may have looked crazy, fussed about the training, wanted to quit, felt we were not cut out for it or best prepared because of our own self, but in the end… Those helped more than you all could ever imagine! And yes, we may have scratches, bumps, bruises & even a lil blood but IT WAS ALL SO WORTH IT! I cannot wait to see the TRIFIT # GROW next year! LASTLY, my greatest thank you goes to Al Rosen for providing such an event like no other!!! Your passion for what you started, shines far brighter than we ever imagined! Thank you to the entire Rosen Family & team that helped make the event the huge success that it is!

Michelle Romanaskas – Thank you Al for an incredible weekend. As you know it was my 1st time and I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to kill it next year! I had no idea what to expect but what I did know is that I would give it my all. It was my 1st time and I brought my sister Danielle Hanis and Sara Swan with me and next year I’m bringing quadruple; as a AdvoCare Diamond Distributer I needed to show my team that if I can do it, they could too!

Marcy Proper:  Everyone has a journey, a story, and a goal. This past weekend I was able to rock out my goal. I trained like an athlete and was able to compete alongside some amazing women. It feels awesome to be able to reach a goal, jump out of your comfort zone, and tackle the unknown.

LeAnn Nichols:  It feels good to be back home but I’m a little sad as well. On my way home on the drive by myself after part my tribe finally split I really began to realize how much of myself changed for the better and grew. I just felt like a different person on the drive home. I feel confident and strong and I know next year I will kick ass and conquer more fears. I’m already excited to get back on track and start to train and prepare for the next year’s 20th anniversary trifitness! I think from here on out I will look at fitness in a totally different way and actually have fun with it instead of dreading to do it ?. Thank you so much Al Rosen for everything this weekend! You are so inspiring and it feels good to know how much you care about each and every one of us! Thank you for reminding me to believe in myself and that anything is possible. I’ve come out of this a totally different person. Can’t wait to see you next year and be back to kick some butt!!

Kathleen Stachovic:  My two biggest mental blocks I faced in the TriFitness Challenge~I conquered them!! I have always been insecure with my body, but God said I am wonderfully made (I just kept focusing on His word) and I have never been able to climb a rope~ BOOM! Fear No Obstacle! Yes, I did get hurt but I WILL BE BACK! I Loved ALL the people I met there! Most positive, uplifting, confidence building experience EVER!! I cannot thank Blondina Polazzoenough for being a great friend and pushing me to believe in myself. I love all you amazing women and men (new friends)that were there cheering/encouraging/praying for one another and Al Rosen for having a dream to do a competition for ANYONE~ that will help them learn to face challenges, conquer them and build self confidence

Sonya Melville:  Thanks Al for putting together a fabulous event! Your passion is obvious! See you next year!

Lauren Majewski:  The 2016 Tri-Fitness Challenge has officially come to an end and as I have been able to sit back and reflect on the weekend and collect my thoughts, I am completely overwhelmed with emotions. The past few years have been amazing but also very challenging mentally for me. I allowed myself to get into a horrible place emotionally and mentally allowing self doubt, lack of self confidence, insecurities, and issues with my own body image get to me and tear me down. I decided only 2.5 weeks out that I was going to do Grace and Physique. I was so afraid of making a complete ass of myself and didn’t have the confidence to put myself in a competition setting again for fear of failure and judgement. Fear of disappointing myself not being as competitive as I once one. Also for fear of how I would feel once it was over, hating my body and how I would look. I have been waiting and digging deep to feel more like myself again and to feel that confidence that I have been lacking and I finally got that back this weekend. I was not nervous at all. I felt so comfortable and had a mindset going in that relaxed my usual competitive side and allowed me to just enjoy the ride and do the best that I could do. I had so much fun and to my surprise, I did better than I had envisioned. There is something to be said about challenging yourself. To “Fear no Obstacle”. Thank you to all of my friends, family and followers that cheered me on, believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself, supported me a loved me. You are amazing. I appreciate you. A special thanks to Al Rosen for not taking “not this year” for an answer and not giving up on me until I said yes.

Nick Palumbo:  These athletes did an amazing job this past weekend. Actually everyone involved did an amazing job Al Rosen as always put on a fantastic event keep up the awesome job AL.

Pamela Forrest:  Hello friends & fellow Tri-fitness competitors. This weekend I was inducted into the Tri-fitness hall of fame. To my surprise I was asked to speak. I was so nervous that I didn’t get to say all that I wanted to. So I decided I could finish here. Tri-fitness has meant so much in my life. For the past 13 years if I wasn’t getting ready for a show I was planning when I would be back. I started by falling in love with the challenge of the obstacle course. When I would leave Al’s I couldn’t wait until the next practice and I still feel that way. Al has always supported me. He was at my wedding. He always knows mine and my teammates Personal records even when We don’t. In 2008 I decided I wanted to do the whole show so even though I wasn’t a gymnast or a dancer I was going to do a fitness routine. This was so hard for me because I was 36 and hated being on stage for anything. I did it though and in November 2008 I won the fall classic which was one of the biggest accomplishments of my life. Now 42 I’m doing it again. Pushing myself farther than anyone can believe and I love it. I am so thankful for this competition because of the challenge that keeps me young and the people who support me. Coach Al Rosen, Bernadette Rosen and fellow competitors/ friends thank you because without you I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

Lindsey Rosen:  The 2016 Tri-Fitness World Challenge has officially come to an end and as I sit back and reflect over the weekend I find myself overwhelmed with emotions. I have grown up around Tri-Fitness for 19 years of my life. I had always looked forward helping out at the events, cheering on the amazing athletes through every box jump, shuttle run, bench press, ducking my head down when athletes raced under the under bar and kicking my right foot up as I stopped the stopwatch as the athlete sprinted through the finish line of the obstacle course. I sat in the audience and cheered as they walked across stage showcasing all the hard work they put into their grace and physique and danced in the audience with them as they performed their fitness routines. Throughout the years I had always looked up to these athletes with utter awe, amazement and respect. They were the definition of a strong/beautiful women. I would have never thought that years later I would be handing over my volunteer duties and trading in my stopwatch for running shoes and a bedazzled bikini and competing alongside of these amazing athletes yet alone at the end of the weekend having my name called and standing on stage, on the podium, finishing 5th place overall!

Teresa Evans:  Al Rosen I am honored to have had you as MY coach since 2001! You’ve taught me so much and I’m so proud to be part of TriFitness! Can’t wait till 2017!!

Gail Kozlowski:  I have so much emotion going through me today as Tri Fitness World Challenge has come to an end! I’m ecstatic to have won two events with the help from my awesome coach. He pushed my limits beyond and I thought at times I was having a heart attack during our endurance training workouts. I keep going and he proved to me YES YOU CAN! I never dreamed I would be on stage working it in a bikini at 56 years old! Bernadette Schimnowski-Rosen and Al Rosen both worked with me and encouraged me and I’m so very thankful to them. As well I met some awesome ladies that are all beautiful inside and out! I’m very happy to be a part of such an awesome group of people. I’m ready for June 2017 and already planning my strategies for the year! Set go….

Lorenzo Newell:  I would like to take the time to give a special thanks to Al Rosen! You are a great man and I am honored to have been able to meet you and take part in your event. Thank you for all you do and continue to inspire and uplift. You are a true hero!!! This truly has been a great experience. I have enjoyed all of the wonderful people from the ones I already knew to the ones I just met here! I have enjoyed the atmosphere that surrounds this experience because it is nothing short of exceptional. It was great being able to compete alongside these great athletes and be among the positive energy that they have. I look forward to next year already!!!

Ash Anderson:  Couple of flicks from this weekend at the Tri Fit Challenge. I don’t ever like competing in things knowing I might not be the best at or win (that’s just the athlete in me) but I’ll gladly take a back seat to these women any day. I’ve never seen so much strength, determination, and camaraderie all in one place. The overall experience of this weekend has been eye opening and has given me something to look forward to for next year and think about day to day. Being around a group of women who are not only strong physically, but mentally and emotionally was a great honor. I surpassed the goals I had for myself and I enjoyed the transformation I went through during training. I already have some goals in mind for next year. Thank you Al Rosen for allowing me to partially compete this year and get a taste of what this weekend is all about

Jenny Canale:  Being here to compete has taught me so much about myself, who I am, gave me time to reflect on where I was 2 years ago and solidifies where I’m heading in the future. Thank you AL Rosen and your whole family for making my 1st Tri-fit absolutely awesome and for putting heart into all of it! Just so proud to have been a part of Tri-fit 2016

Meg McCarthy:  Experience of a lifetime – first trifitness down, and won’t be the last!

Anna Dutko:  Want to take a minute to thank Bernadette Schimnowski-Rosen and Al Rosen. What you two do to bring all these All-Stars athletes together is truly amazing. Without you both so many men & women wouldn’t get to experience the power of accomplishment and overcoming obstacles! May you truly be blessed hundred fold for the work and time you pour into each of us!! The Rosen family is such an inspiration & I feel lucky to have them local & in my life!!! Thank you for creating Tri-Fitness Challenge almost 20 years ago!!! Set go!

Kirsten Koenig:  What a great team to be a part of!! I can’t wait to see what the team looks like next year! I hope you’re ready Al Rosen, the masses are coming your way!! I especially can’t wait to bring the Maryland contingent with me!!

Danielle Singh:  So much fun at the Tri- Fitness Event tonight! Takes me back to some of my most memorable and best times…so many wonderful athletes and what a great show!…so happy hubby met one of his heroes too…King Tonga…what an amazing guy! ? Thank you Al Rosen and Bernadette Schimnowski-Rosen for all you do! You guys rock!

Sarah Rosario:  Too much fun tonight with Jackie Keenum Callaway emceeing the Tri-fitness Challenge at the Hyatt.  So many beautiful and talented athletes.  Al Rosen puts on the best competition

George Kaplandzis:  First ever tri fitness competition! What an experience so far ! SO HARD but feeling accomplished!

Holly Evans:  First of all THANK YOU so much for an amazing weekend!! I was curious if I could get my times from this weekend? I want to make sure and write them down so I can have them when I start training for next year! I can’t wait to come back next year!

Brittany Sterkell:  This weekend is a wrap! Beyond blessed for such an amazing opportunity to compete at this event! My goal from the start was to do my personal best, get in the best shape of my life, stay consistent and be focused! Can’t wait to do it again!! Thanks to all these amazing ladies for your support and cheering me on! 2 overall placements was the icing on the cake!!

Laura Lord:  TFC 2016 in the books. I didn’t train to win, and I didn’t. I trained to show up & show well, and I did. I am pleased with the result. As hard, fun, rewarding, exciting, fulfilling & challenging as Tri-Fit is…marriage to Matt was intensely more of each. I love that I have Tri-Fit as an outlet to physically express the struggle & love in this life.

Danielle Hanis:  “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard is what makes it GREAT!” When I was nervous and scared, a friend put it in perspective and said to me “be the best YOU and see where it falls because you are a champion for showing up. Thousands of people never got passed thinking about it!” He was so right!! I trained for 10 weeks with an amazing group of POWERFUL women! The incredible people I’ve met inspire me to Be and Do More!! These women pushed and cared more about others than themselves. I’ve made incredible friendships and I plan on being back next year for the 20th Anniversary! Who’s coming with me?! Always remember “Whether you think you Can or you think you Can’t, you’re RIGHT!”

Nicole Schneider:  WOW!! What an incredible weekend next to some amazing ladies! My favorite being my training partner and dear friend, Sonya, whom I would not have made it through this journey without!  We made new lifelong friendships in Tampa and got to come home feeling incredibly accomplished. Can’t wait to go back next year and beat an even stronger ME!

Sarah Swann:  To those of you that have goals and dreams but you are scared or think you can’t, or it will make you uncomfortable…just do it!!! STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE, because I PROMISE YOU, that is where all the fun is!!

Susan Noser:  Hi Al!!! First off WOW what an awesome time I had this weekend!!!! Thank you for the motivation and making me believe in myself!  Thanks!!! Set Go!!

Brandy Goddard:  I have never been so proud of my daughter! She actually did everything we did except used a small bar for bench press. She did 50 box jumps on 20 inch box, jumped over a 10 ft wall and flipped over a 15 ft cargo net! The best part of it all was when she crossed the finish line of True Grit course she puked, wiped her mouth and said “that was fun!” Hahaha! She also hung around and cheered everyone on as well! Another example to make your kids have goals and stay off of the video games!

Shannan Titcomb:  ;) Day 2 complete! Did all the obstacles, didn’t get hurt and beat all my personal times to boot! Next year I have some bigger goals but for now I’m thrilled. So loved and enjoyed being part of this competition!!

Angie Ishak:  Oh my gosh!!!!!! oh my gosh!!! I did it!!! I actually did it!!!! 43 years old and I just did my first 2 minute fitness competition ROUTINE!!!! Had a BLAST!!!!! This weekend was one of the most challenging I’ve had! It was my second year doing the Tri-Fit competition but my first year completing ALL 5 EVENTS! It was amazing to complete them all but also physically demanding. I’m really excited that this year we had several Friends join us! I’m so proud of all of them for what they accomplished! Several came home with new goals and more self confidence and a lot of them even came home with medals for their huge accomplishments! I’m so blessed and encouraged by each and every one of you!!! You were there cheering me on every step of the way… And I LOVED being there to cheer you all on as well! Competing with old friends and meeting new friends was the highlight!!! You all hold a special place in my heart!!!

Austin Seaford: Hey Al, just wanted to say thanks for putting such an awesome event together. You and your wife are such amazing people. And I will definitely be back next year with a group of friends.

Jennifer Nielsen:  Nothing comes to any type of comparison. We laughed, we cried, we encouraged, we had the ultimate experience. The culture and family that is made and exists is truly one of a kind experience. And this is only the beginning.

Mona Ahmed:  Thank You Al Rosen for this amazing Tri-Fit Challenge; I’m forever grateful!