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2021 Hall of Fame

The term Hall of Fame was basically originated in 1900 when the first U.S Hall of Fame was founded at Bronx Community College in the Bronx, New York (the same Bronx that Al Rosen is from). Since, Hall of Fames have been created for baseball in Cooperstown, New York; Football in Canton, Ohio and there are Hall of Fame for most other sports as well as other industries of entertainment, WWE, Rock and Roll, etc. In 2012 the Tri-Fitness Challenge started their Hall of Fame and they induct new members each year.

The prerequisites for the Hall of Fame are the inductees have been involved with Tri-Fitness for at least 10 years and have made an impact on the sport. In the sport of Tri-Fitness, the athletes compete in the Obstacle Course, Fitness Skills (Box Jumps, Bench Press and Shuttle Run), Fitness Routine, True Grit Challenge and the bedazzling Grace and Physique event. Thus, the following athletes are not only fit, but fast and fierce as well. The induction also includes photographers, magazine editors, judges, etc. The 2021 inductees include the following:

Elaine Seth

Elaine Seth – The former 2000 Tri-Fitness Fitness Skills Champion is
from Vermillion, Ohio and has been challenging herself in Tri-Fitness for
the last two decades. She represented Tri-Fitness in several expos
representing equipment and supplement companies. In the past she
appeared on the Tri-Fit Magazine cover and emceed Tri-Fitness events.
She has run 61.79 seconds on the Obstacle Course.

Elaine Seth

Heather Pollack Rupp – With a background in gymnastics, Heather was
drawn to Tri-Fitness over a decade ago and competed in Las Vegas
several times. She is a personal trainer in Sarasota, Florida and is the
mother of three children. Heather has run 61.03 seconds on the
Obstacle Course.

Richard Rivera – Richard is from Houston, Texas and has been
challenging himself in Tri-Fitness for more than 10 years. In addition to
Tri-Fitness, Richard has done bodybuilding. Richard presently has the
second fastest True Grit time of 77.72 and has run the Obstacle Course
in 40.29 seconds.

Melissa Goodrich – A fitness enthusiast, Melissa has been challenging
herself at Tri-Fitness since 2008. She has competed at numerous Las
Vegas and Florida events. Melissa is a mother of twin sons and a
daughter and challenges herself at Cross Fit. Her best time on the
Obstacle Course is 51.25.

Stephani Heirshberg – Not only has Stephani been competing in Tri-
Fitness but her son has been competing with her the last few years!
She has been challenging herself in Fitness Events for the past dozen
years, but she prefers Tri-Fitness because of the athletic events. This
year she is doing the Fitness Routine for the first time. In 2020 she was
top 10 in Grace & Physique and Tri-Fit Optional. Her personal record on
True Grit is 111.94 seconds.

Marianne Colon – Marianne is originally from South Florida but has
been residing in Colorado where she is a nurse. Marianne started
competing in Tri-Fitness in 2001 and has placed top 10 in Grace and
Physique many times. She is the mother of 2 sons and 1 daughter, and
each were involved with the Children’s Challenge when they were
young. Her daughter Sophia will be competing in Tri-Fitness this year
for the first time. Marianne has a personal best of 57.62 on the
Obstacle Course.

Dawn Forestt – Dawn, a mother of one, started competing in Tri-
Fitness in 2002 and has challenged herself at the Las Vegas, Southern
California, Tropicana Stadium and many of the Tampa and St. Pete
Beach Tri-Fitness Challenges. She also represented Tri-Fitness at trade
shows such as the Arnold. Dawn has a personal best of 54.63 seconds
on the Obstacle Course.

Deborah Sizemore – Debbie is from Charleston, West Virginia but is
presently living in Southern California. She graduated from USF in
Tampa where she was a member of the dance team and then found Tri-
Fitness. She was an athlete in the first Tri-Fitness Challenge in 1998 and
has competed many times since. Debbie has a personal best of 59.16
on the Obstacle Course.