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Brea, California 2002 Western Challenge

(Photos by Dan Brienza )

By Al Rosen 

Well, they said California is the place you ought to be, so they packed up the course and moved it to BREA (No, not Beverly Hills – not flat enough). They are the WTF, as they premiered their Western Challenge for the first time. Cynthia Hill (yes, this supreme athlete can do it all) did a fantastic job in the organization and promotion of this event. Assisting Cynthia were her husband, Steve Teran and fitness competitor and friend Mary Mullenfhoff.

The Grace & Physique was held at Curtis Civic Center in Brea. The 10 judges had the difficult task of picking out the most graceful, fit, feminine athlete in the lineup. The scoring was so tight that three tenth of a point separated fourth from ninth.

Taking home the First place trophy along with cash, supplements, clothing, etc. was Sacramento, California’s Sandra Augustin. Sandra is a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness in Sacramento. She displayed a great deal of confidence and her stage presence was excellent stated one of the judges. Great symmetry and athletically lean, firm, and feminine was another comment on a scoring card. Not only was Sandra popular on the judge’s cards, she was very popular among the other athletes.

 Second place went to Mary Jo Cookie of Los Angeles, followed by Dr. Mimi Zumwalt (orthopedic surgeon from Lubbock, Texas) and Dr. Camille Eberle (chiropractor specializing in athletic injuries from Dallas, Texas). Rounding out the top ten were Jennifer Mills (CA), Amanda Cox (CA), Pam Joiner (Ohio), DeeDee Lepp (CA), Mary Kusiak (CA), and Nellie Cruz (CA).

Next up this evening was the Fitness Routine Event. Doing a very patriotic (upbeat and extremely fast and powerful routine) was first place winner Sandra Augustin. In second place was Arizona’s Stephanie Wilkins. Amanda Cox, Stephanie Hill (niece of Cynthia) and Adrienne Weatherly (US ARMY) rounded out the top five. Stephanie Hill also won the Teenager trophy.

 The following morning, 37 women and 9 men athletes prepared for the Obstacle Course at Brea Orlinda Stadium. The football field was in excellent condition and the school was a gracious host.

Winning the obstacle course with a time of 59.750 was Amanda Cox. Second place (less then a half second behind) was Army Recruit Andrienne Weatherly. California athletes, Dee Dee Lepp, Maggie White, Shannon Battles, Erica Porter, Stephanie Hill, Jennifer Mills, Stephanie Chapa, and Texas’ Dr. Camille Eberle made up the top ten.

In the MOCC (Men’s Obstacle Course Challenge), the winner was Steve Teran with a time of 47.060. Following behind Steve were fellow Californians, Eric Compos, Tobin Anderson, Tony Lattimore , Chris Kimber, and Audi Rodell. Teenager, Philip Santangelo took home the MOCC Teenage trophy.

The final event was Fitness Skills. The first place award for the WTF went to Sandra Augustin and the first place award for MOCC went to Steve Teran. Following behind Sandra were: Jennifer Mills, Erica Porter, Camille Eberle, and Shannon Battles.
The following men finished in the top five behind Steve: Eric Compos, Tobin Anderson, Chris Kimber, and Tony Lattimore.

Overall Titles were presented in Dual Fitness (obstacle course and skills combined), Dual Fitness Optional (grace & physique combined with obstacle and skills) and TRI-FITNESS (ALL FOUR EVENTS).


The Dual MOCC (combination of obstacle course and skills) was presented to the men.


The WTF (athletes and staff) would like to thank all the judges, volunteers, and sponsors: EOEO (fitness apparel), Hot Skins, Gold’s Gym, Lou’s Training, Personal Gourmet, Pure Performance (supplements), Max Muscle, Stadium Chiropractic, and Tagge’s Fitness. A special thanks goes out to Fitness Success for making this event happen.