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2017 Hall of Fame

The term Hall of Fame was basically originated in 1900 when the first U.S Hall of Fame was founded at Bronx Community College in the Bronx, New York (the same Bronx that Al Rosen is from). Since, Hall of Fames have been created for baseball in Cooperstown, New York; Football in Canton, Ohio and there are Hall of Fame for most other sports as well as other industries of entertainment, WWE, Rock and Roll, etc. Five years ago, the Tri-Fitness Challenge started their Hall of Fame and they induct new members each year. This year, 2017, we are proud to induct the following people who have impacted Tri-Fitness:

Tonia D’Anna – is a personal trainer and mother of two from Citrus Hills, Florida. She has won the Obstacle Course event at numerous events including her first in 2002 at the Southeastern Championship in Miami followed by the World Challenge in Las Vegas. She is presently ranked 6th all time on the Obstacle Course with a time of 48.21 seconds.

Jeff Sullivan – is one of the top men athletes to run the Obstacle Course. His goals were to beat the best woman’s time and to be able to run his age. He accomplished both with a best time of 43.59 seconds. In addition, he has helped Tri-Fitness with his general contractor skills by making and fixing different parts of the course and helped drive the course to Las Vegas. Despite having a few back surgeries he is hoping for a comeback in the future.

Chrisie Allemand -is a registered dietician from Louisiana but presently residing in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. She is the founder of Fit Focus Training and Nutrition and has been competing in Tri-Fitness since 2001. In 2009, Chrisie became the Tri-Fitness World Champion. She has run the Obstacle Course in 52.75 seconds.

Nicola Brown – is an attorney from Jamaica and has been competing in Tri-Fitness events for more than 10 years. In addition to competing, Nicky has helped out and organized Tri-Fitness challenges and camps. Nicky’s has run the Obstacle Course in 54.62 seconds.

Danielle Singh – helped organize the 1999 Tri-Fitness World Challenge/Trade Show at the Tampa Convention Center. This event was televised and raised $9000 for St. Judes Research Hospital. Overcoming a last minute bogus law suit initiated by a multi millionaire, the Tri-Fitness Challenge was a success and she competed as well. Having thought she retired from Tri-Fitness in 2001, she laced up her sneakers for a comeback this year. She has run the Obstacle Course in 61.09 seconds.

Sydney Joseph – is a personal trainer from Brooklyn, New York. He has won the Tri-Fitness National Challenge and placed top 3 at numerous Tri-Fitness World Challenges. Known for his colorful apparel, Sydney is always there to cheer on all the competitors. Sydney has posted an Obstacle Course time of 49.31 seconds.

Tonga Fifita and FAMILY – Despite having entertained crowds from the Tokyo Super Dome to Madison Square Garden, this first Tongan professional wrestler (also known as Haku or Meng) as well as brother to Al is always entertained by the athletic ability of Tri-Fitness athletes. Tonga is Vice President of Tri-Fitness and has been a presence at many of the events from Washington, DC to Florida events. While playing football at the University of Texas at El Paso, his son Tevita gathered up 3 of his teammates and made the drive to Las Vegas to help out and surprise his uncle. Tonga’s wife Dorothy, daughter Vika and sons Tevita, Pate, and Taula are there to support and help Tri-Fitness in any way. While the Bench Press event was going on at the TradeWinds in St. Pete, they surprised Al by setting up the Obstacle Courses themselves. They are FAMILY FOREVER!

Karla Kirkegaard – is a personal trainer and mother of three from Poway, California. Karla has placed top ten at numerous World Challenges. In addition, she has hosted numerous Tri-Fitness camps in the San Diego area and has volunteered at Tri-Fitness events. Also, Karla has made Tri-Fitness a family event by competing with her son Colton. Karla has run the Obstacle Course in 62.22 seconds.

Celeste Turner – is a personal trainer from New Orleans, Louisiana. She has been competing in Tri-Fitness since 2008 including top 5 finishes overall in numerous National and World Challenges. Celeste has been one of the top athletes in the Fitness Routine over the last 10 years and has run the Obstacle Course in 57.25 seconds.

Stephanie Rosen and Family – Stephanie is a former elite gymnast who has helped her dad Al at over 50 events plus camps. She has judged, organized, timed, spotted as well as supporting her 3 daughters Kaylin, Aubree and Preslee to challenge themselves in Tri-Fitness. Her husband Gary has helped at all the Tri-Fitness events in every capacity from erecting and transporting the equipment to spotting the athletes.