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True Grit Challenge – yes YOU can!

True Grit Challenge – Challenge Yourself

True Grit 230 yard Challenge


Shuttle Run:  Run down 10 yards and touch the cone; run back 10 yards and touch cone at starting line; run 15 yards to Wall.

Wall:  Scale 5 foot wall (there is room on the outside portion of the wall to step up and go over).

Running grid:  15 foot running grid – must step in each square.

Pushups:  3 pushups with chest touching medicine ball; arms extend.

Bear crawl:  Bearcrawl on hands and feet through 15 foot shoot; hands must stay in contact with ground

Forward Roll:  After you bear crawl through the shoot your hands will touch a mat where you perform a forward or shoulder roll.

Cone Weave:  Negotiate your way around cones (outside of cone) with both feet having to go around the outside of each cone.

(Thus, you are now through 70 yards of the course)

Tire Flip:  After going around the last cone, you will flip a tire over and then flip it back to original spot.

Kettle Bell Swing:  Men will swing a 35 lb kettle and Women a 25 lb kettle; swing 5 times clearing your head with your hands.  Kettle bell must be put back on mat or in circle.

Staddle Jacks:  Straddle a 4 inch riser and jump up and down 10 times with both feet landing on riser

Squats/Farmer Carry:  Men pick up  (2 ) 45 lb plates and Women pick up (2) 35 lb plates and squat 3 times with plates hitting the ground (must come back to standing position); Farmer carry the 2 weights 10 yards around a cone and 10 yards back to original spot, dropping them on mat or in circle.

Heavy rope:  Pick up 4 lb. heavy jump rope and jump 10 times then run around cone

(You will have completed 140 yards)

Hurdle (30 inch hurdle):  Run 10 yards and go over 30 inch hurdle.

Hurdles (24 inch hurdles):  Run 10 yards and go over hurdle and then 10 yards and go over next hurdle.

Under bar:  Run 10 yards and go under 36 inch under bar and then 10 yards around cone.

(You will be at 190 yards on the course)

40 Yard Dash:  Sprint 40 yards to finish line

(230 yards complete)

There are penalties for each obstacle not completed and they will be added to the athlete’s  time

True Grit Wall - 6ftrunning gridpush upsbear crawlforward rollcone weavetire flipkettle bellstraddle jacksfarmer carryheavy rope30 inch hurdleunder