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2006 Summer Tri-Fitness Magazine

Issue Summer 2006

Another great Tri-Fitness Magazine edition from our archive

Here are some of the articles in this issue:

  1. Is your Bikini a Fashion Statement
  2. Fun in the Sun Beach Workout
  3. More for the Core – Core Workouts
  4. Get Ready to Bare Your Bikini Legs
  5. Lat Spread – Blast that Back – Back Workout
  6. Power Plyometrics
  7. 40 Years and Armed – Arm Workout
  8. Rise and Shine with Yoga – Yoga Workout
  9. Studio Cardio
  10. How to prepare for a Photo Shoot
  11. Secret to My Success – Lisa Thomas
  12. 10 Tips to Shed 10 Pounds
  13. Competition Diet Demystified
  14. The Sweetest Thing – A Look at Sugar Substitutes
  15. Water Fight – H20 vs Electrolytes
  16. Sports Message – Not just a day at the spa
  17. Healthy Recipes – Stuffed Chicken, Protein Quiche, and more
  18. Choosing a Plastic Surgeon
  19. Don’t waste your money on Personal Training

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