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2005 Spring Florida Fitness Challenge

2005 Spring Florida Fitness Challenge

The Florida Fitness Challenge featured WTF athletes from Texas , New York , New Jersey , North Carolina , Pennsylvania , Nevada , Utah , Georgia , Massachusetts , and Florida .   Ronald McDonald decided to join in on the fun as he ran through the rope grid promoting the new Fruit and Walnut salad.   Adding to the hoopla was Catch 47 Television as they were there to catch all the action.   Catch 47’s producer Roxanne Wilder had been training for the event and dazzled her own cameramen with a standout performance.  

Winning the Dual Fitness was Tampa ‘s Patty Mitchell who also took home the gold in the Obstacle Course with a blazing time of 53.97.    Texas orthopedic surgeon, Mimi Zumwalt won the Fitness Skills by blasting out 50 repetitions on the bench press.  

2005 Florida Fitness Challenge
Obstacle Course    
1)   Patty Mitchell  53.97  
2)   Sharon Rasponi58.88  
3)   Melissa Lake60.58  
4)   Paula Jager61.09  
5)   Kelly Decolati62.48  
6)   Jackie Callaway62.59  
7)   Kristi Goldsholle63.77  
8)   Alexis Asher64.27  
9)   Anne Groff64.52  
10)Tina Durkin64.67  
Fitness Skills    
1)   Mimi Zumwalt   
2)   Paula Jager   
3)   Anne Groff   
4)   Cecillia Santos   
5)   Kelly Decolati   
6)   Sharon Rasponi   
7)   Jackie Callaway   
8)   Tina Durkin   
9)   Kristi Goldsholle   
10)Patty Mitchell   
1)   Patty Mitchell   
2)   Paula Jager   
3)   Sharon Rasponi   
4)   Kelly Decolati   
5)   Anne Groff   
6)   Jackie Callaway   
7)   Kristi Goldsholle   
8)   Tina Durkin   
9)   Melissa Lake   
10)Cecillia Santos