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Dear Readers,

As you may have noticed, our magazine’s name has changed from Women’s Tri-Fitness Magazine to Tri-Fitness Magazine. Although the origin of the word “Tri-Fitness” was for the obstacle course, fitness skills and fitness routine, Tri now means women, men and children!

The Women’s Tri-Fitness will continue to include the Obstacle Course, Skills, Routine along with optional Grace & Physique events while men and children will compete on the Obstacle Course and Skills (shuttle runs only for children).

The essence of my vision is to provide a variety of athletic events which are challenging, inspiring and entertaining. We will provide an elite sporting event which will be embraced by a diverse audience and a foundation based on dedication to health, fitness and competitive spirit.


In collaboration with The Rock Foundation we will Educate, Empower and Enrich the lives of children with our Children’s Fitness Challenge. The program is designed to encourage fitness and prevent obesity. “The number of overweight American children has more than doubled in the past 20 years. In 1980, about 7 percent of children were overweight; by 2002, that number had climbed to 16 percent according to the U.S Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” The Children’s Fitness Challenge is designed to improve health and build self-esteem of children while teaching them about goal-setting, overcoming obstacles, and realizing the power of personal accomplishments.


In this issue you will see the results of our 2007 World Challenge in Las Vegas as well as different training and other informative articles. One of articles will teach you how to run the obstacle course!

There are so many people who help to make the Tri-Fitness the most prestigious event in the world of fitness. It would take twenty pages to thank each one of them. Special thanks goes to Dan Brienza (website design, filming,, etc), Bernadette Schimnowski (Director of the Children’s Fitness Challenge), Dwayne Johnson and Katie Kornfield (The Rock Foundation) – but the biggest thanks goes to all the thousands of athletes from 3 year old Morgan Boyko of Manitoba to 67 year old Francoise Sullivan of Texas.


If you are not a Tri-Fitness athlete yet, we welcome you to come join our fitness “FAMILY.” If you are a company which supports health and fitness we would love for you to join our fitness “TEAM”!

Until next time… Wish, Train, Fulfill! Sincerely, AL Rosen